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Emergency Preparedness Solutions

Your partner in emergency preparedness.


Whether you need to review an existing emergency action plan, create a tabletop exercise, or develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness program for your organization, Continuum Preparedness is here to help. 

We specialize in helping emergency managers, security directors, facility managers, administrators, business owners, and others with their emergency preparedness, management, and recovery needs.

We believe in helping our community during tough times. We have a number of resources available to help with COVID recovery and response improvement planning.                              Learn More >>


There is so much to consider when drafting your organization's emergency response plans. We can help guide you through the process and will draft everything you need.         Learn More >>


Analyze your risks. Mitigate those risks. Have a plan to respond. Train that plan. Assess your progress. Analyze new risks. This is the cycle that will lead you to resiliency.                             Learn More >>


What threats and hazards does your organization face? Are they the same as they were a year ago? A Risk Assessment can help you understand what you should prioritize.                Learn More >>


We offer consulting services in a wide variety of areas including emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. We also offer security and event planning services.               Learn More >>


You have a plan but it's time to see if it still fits your current operations, current risks, and current needs. Through our comprehensive process, we'll get your plans up to speed.             Learn More >>


Plans don't manage emergencies, people do. Let's take a look at how your people are trained to respond to an emergency and what it takes to develop a training and exercise program.       Learn More >>


Industries Served:

We offer our emergency management services in virtually all industries, including:

- K-12 Education, Colleges & Universities

- Medical Facilities & Hospitals

- Retail & Hospitality (Hotel & Restaurant)

- Offices & Local Businesses

- Large Venues, Sports Leagues, and Camps

- Public Safety (Police, Fire, and EMS)

All consultations are free of charge, free of hassle, and free of obligation.

Let's Talk.
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