Mid-morning while students are in class, a teacher encounters a man with a gun...What are you going to do? How will your people react? What’s going to happen next?


This Tabletop Exercise (TTX) is specifically designed for K-12 schools to provide a challenging foundation for meaningful discussion about how your people will respond to an active shooter. Everything you need to hold and evaluate an active shooter tabletop is included.


Severe difficulty exercises present more extreme situations to push you far outside of your comfort zone.

Active Shooter K12 Education TableTop Exercise (TTX) - Severe

  • Are you looking to do a tabletop, but don’t know where to start? Are you a tabletop expert, but don’t have the time? Are you scrambling to do an exercise your boss (or boss’ boss) mandated by the end of the quarter? Are you ready to cut your tabletop workload in half?


    Tabletop Exercise (TTX) instant downloads are complete packages designed for YOU. We perform how we train; and practice makes perfect. The problem is that writing an exercise that is realistic and promotes meaningful discussion isn’t easy. Add to that the mega challenge of planning the exercise and getting people in the room. Now you can get an exercise that is ready when you are.

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