See Something, DO Something

When is the last time you actually enjoyed and fully engaged with a mandatory security training?

We all know the generic click-through trainings that have subpar animation and over-dramatized situation set-ups. The ones that have us begging for a “test out” option so we can go back to what we really need to get done today. This situation replays itself thousands of times every year in organizations just like yours. It makes you wonder, is this training really effective?

If you were in a situation that required you to “run, hide, fight” would you be prepared? It is much easier to assume that it will never happen to you, right?

Here is a less intense example, if you see something out of place in your office building, such as a duffel bag, do you know who to report it to? What qualifies as ‘suspicious’? Do you feel compelled to report when things feel out of place? Or is your mentality “that is someone else’s problem”? That may be a tough question to ask yourself – your company may encourage you to “see something, say something” as taught by the Department of Homeland Security, but are you compelled to see something and do something about it? Let’s say you report that duffel bag to your manager because you don’t often see security personnel or building management around.

Your job is done, right?

Not necessarily. Let's assume your manager took the same early 2000s throwback security training you did and clicked through it while she sipped on her morning coffee and checked her email before her 10AM meeting. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal and never passes it along. Do you have the awareness to follow up on that gut feeling you had walking past the duffel bag in the lobby?

More often than not, it's nothing. A facilities contractor who left their tool bag there while they checked in with their point of contact or a hopeful new year’s resolutioner who vowed to start going to the gym today and left their bag in the lobby because they aren’t used to bringing it with them. How much extra effort does it take to ensure that your concerns are pushed to the appropriate party? Do you know the security protocols in your building? Do you trust that your coworkers know the same?

Effective, memorable, and actionable training is at the heart of any emergency management plan because people who are empowered will make a difference in these situations.


About Us - Continuum Preparedness is an emergency preparedness advisory firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Continuum was founded in 2016 with the simple mission of providing quality, affordable, and easy-to-use emergency preparedness and crisis response solutions for organizations of any type or size. Since our inception in 2016, we have prided ourselves on helping clients in a variety of industries across 17 states build more resilient safety programs. Using our genuine partnership approach, our team has developed plans, procedures, training, and exercises for university campuses, medical facilities, outdoor venues, arenas, stadiums, government agencies at the local, state, and federal level, contract security firms, non-profit institutions, and a variety of others. To learn more, visit

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