Never waste an emergency!

In the midst of a global emergency that has caused organizations in every sector to grind to a halt, it is only natural to want to move-on as soon as possible. Many organizations will do just that; and skip the After Action Report and Improvement Plan in the process.

Don’t make this mistake!

A real-world emergency is the best emergency management practice you will ever get. No matter how realistic an exercise or how thorough a training seminar or workshop, nothing compares to doing it in real-time with real stress and real people. No actors, no simulations, no controllers. Do not squander the opportunity to evaluate performance and continually improve.

How did communication flow? Who was in-charge? Were your operations consistent with your plans? What comes next? After Action Reporting provides a clear understanding of an incident, lessons learned in response and recovery, and continuous improvement strategies to prepare for the future.

Want step-by-step guidance? Check out this guide from Continuum Preparedness:

10 Steps to a thorough After Action Report and Improvement Plan

Overwhelmed and want someone to do it for you? Want an unbiased, third-party perspective? Planning to do it yourself, but not sure where to start? Reach out for a free 30-minute, no obligation consultation.

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