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Our Affiliates

Nobody can do it all. We believe in doing the right thing and sometimes that means giving a referral or turning down a project that doesn't fit for any number of reasons.

At Continuum Preparedness, we strive to align ourselves with quality organizations who can fulfill our clients' needs in areas that are outside of our expertise (We're emergency managers. We're not engineers, chemists, or plumbers). We don't know it all and we won't pretend to.


We also partner with a number of subject-matter experts (SMEs) with specific industry or technical knowledge that exceeds the skillset of our core team members. 

Below are our trusted affiliates who provide products and services that we endorse:

Ecesis Logo - Vector.png

EHS Software Solutions

Ecesis provides simple-to-use software for storing documents, responding to incidents, and managing compliance. Their comprehensive suite of cloud-based EHS software solutions equips your team with easy access to procedures, plans, report, task-lists, and much more. 

Visit Ecesis to learn more about this great service.

New Partnerships

Affiliate Organizations

What We're Looking For:
  • Responsible, ethical, & reliable partners.

  • Interest in genuine partnership for the advancement of the industry and the resiliency of end-users.

  • Interest in formal affiliation/partnership.

  • Interest in diversifying revenue streams.

  • Professional organizations, private businesses, and service providers in the emergency management/preparedness, public safety (LE, Fire, EMS), security, legal, defense, real estate, architecture, engineering, or risk management sector(s).

  • Innovative products and solutions that complement our service offerings.

Sound like a good fit? 

Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs)

What We're Looking For:
  • Responsible, ethical, & reliable partners.

  • Individuals & sole-proprietors.

  • Ability for independent, remote work.

  • Expert-level knowledge of a specific, technical discipline, industry, or area of emergency management.

  • Subject-matter experts (SMEs) with advanced knowledge in: engineering, architecture, cybersecurity / IT, law, defense, HazMat / EHS, WMD / CBRNE, critical infrastructure systems, public works, meteorology or other related.

  • Certifications such as CEM, CPP, CSSP, CISSP, CPTED, HSEEP-MEP, RMP, CBCP, CBCM, CVP/CVE, or other related

Sound like a good fit? 

Questions? Reach out at

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