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Disaster & Emergency Plan Review Services

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Service Overview

Looking for a fresh perspective? Need a professional to review your draft? Look no further.

Plans only work if they are kept up to date, communicated, and exercised. 

We prefer the all hazards approach and always recommend our clients focus on capabilities.


From setting capability targets, to review and consultation, to designing aligned exercises that put your plans to the test, Continuum Preparedness

is here to help get your crisis, emergency management, and continuity of operations plans ready for anything. Our team will review your plans for effectiveness, content, ease of use, organization, organizational capabilities and goals, industry best practices, feasibility, and other metrics based upon your unique needs.

Reach out today to learn more about our flexible plan review and consultation services. We offer a free, 30-minute, no-obligation consultation.


To get started, click here. 

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