A New, Unique Approach to Tabletop Exercise Scenarios

We can’t be sure what the shift has in store for us; it’s as random as pulling a card from a deck.  With ExDecks™, players randomly draw cards that build out a unique emergency management scenario for them to discuss and work through together in a training environment.

ExDecks solves several issues for those responsible for emergency preparedness programs at any organization:

  1. A detailed, unique scenario can be built in seconds, saving hours 

  2. Nobody knows the details in advance (everyone can participate)

  3. Solution is cost-effective and contains hundreds of thousands of possible scenario combinations

ExDecks Web-01.png

ExDecks is a series of cards designed to prompt discussion around a variety of emergency scenarios.  Any number of incidents can happen at any moment without prior warning and seemingly at random. Organizers may also choose to draw certain cards deliberately to build specific scenarios in order to address certain topics.  


Due to the simple yet detailed nature of ExDecks, participants can build disaster scenarios in seconds; leaving more time to discuss, learn, and analyze response emergency response plans.  

Thanks to the speed at which a crisis scenario can be built, it is now easier than ever to integrate these critical discussions into weekly routines or during shift briefings.

ExDecks Pro™ is built for public safety professionals.

These decks include cards for selecting Capabilities, identifying specialized-equipment and resources, and have Location and Detail Cards that are designed for public safety operations. Dice rolls with certain card categories multiply scenario possibilities into the hundreds of millions!