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Security & Emergency Planning for Events

Have a plan. Practice that plan.


Event Emergency Action Plans

Every event should have an Event Emergency Action Plan (EAP) that outlines everyone's roles and responsibilities in case of a major emergency at or near the venue.

We offer Event EAP templates for instant download or you can partner with our team of experienced event professionals to craft a unique planning document with custom charts, maps, decision trees, and response procedures.

Look at Templates


We Offer Emergency Actions plans for

Sporting Events

Concerts & Music Festivals

Fairs, Markets, and Carnivals

Youth Sports Tournaments

Camps & Retreats

Conventions & Expos

Corporate Meetings & Events

...and many others


Event Security Plans

As an event planner, you're busy responding to requests, managing vendors, and meeting deadlines. Most security staffing contractors simply outline where they will position their security staff during your event. What is often overlooked is a documented Event Security Plan. 

Our team will partner with you and your security staffing contractor to identify other security elements beyond just staffing. This could include temporary lighting and cameras, screening equipment, perimeter fencing, barricades and vehicle mitigation, event threat & risk assessment, medical staffing, and incident response plans.  

Considerations for event planning:

Chain of Command

Postponement / cancellation decision trees

Roles & responsibilities for crisis tasks

Evacuation plan

Shelter-in-place plan

Medical response plan

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