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Total Preparedness Solutions

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Our premium service, these customized, total preparedness solutions utilize a strong blend of research, assessment, creativity, and expertise to craft a preparedness program that is as unique as your organization.

This program brings Continuum Preparedness into your organization as close partner, working with you on the complete preparedness cycle (pictured to the left). 

We'll start by evaluating your current plans, protocols, and programs. We'll then make recommendations and work with you to revise your plans, close gaps, and identify areas in need of improvement. Continuum Preparedness then assists in training your organization's members on your updated plans, designing and managing exercises on those plans, and evaluating progress. 

By custom tailoring a solution for you and your organization, your plan or program will address the special circumstances and hazards that you face. This is the complete solution for all of your emergency preparedness needs.

Reach out today to learn more about our flexible plan review and consultation services. We offer a free, 30-minute, no-obligation consultation.


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Planning starts with identifying the potential threats and hazards that might affect your organization. Our custom emergency response plans include this pre-planning assessment in addition to a relevant, user-friendly plan that you can implement right away. Let us handle the process for you, get started today!

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We perform how we train. As public safety and emergency management professionals, it is critical that our training environment is realistic and immersive. Our training exercises are drafted to full HSEEP-spec and can be geared to a variety of capabilities, scenarios, and strategic objectives.

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Have a unique situation? Looking for a partner to design, manage, or evaluate your preparedness program? Our network of experts are ready to partner with you, investing in your organization. You'll be amazed at our attention to detail, the quality of our service, and our superior product. Ready to get to work? 

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