Emergency Plans

Emergency Action Plans. Emergency Response Plans. Emergency Frameworks.

Whichever way you call it, Continuum Preparedness can help.

Emergency Response


Generally refers to general procedures to respond to emergencies, in addition to defining roles & responsibilities for responders and others within the organization.

Incident-Specific Guides

Generally refers to detailed steps and tasks for responding to and managing individual

scenarios or types of crises. 

Emergency Action


Generally refers to procedures

to respond to emergencies

in the workplace with a focus
on worker safety, training, and preparedness.
May be required by OSHA.

Continuity of Operations Plan

Refers to guidelines the organization will follow for sustaining critical operations.

Emergency Operations


Generally refers to documents that will guide how an organization operates while responding to a crisis. May include continuity & recovery planning documents.

Critical Incident Recovery Framework

Details how the organization  will return to "normal" operations following a crisis.

Whether you're writing a new Emergency Response Plan or conducting an Emergency Action Plan review,

Continuum Preparedness is here to help. As your partner in emergency preparedness, Continuum's consultants will work directly with your stakeholders (internal and external) to understand your organization's unique risks, threats, and hazards before forming a detailed, yet easy-to-understand Emergency Management Plan, Continuity of Operations Plan, or other emergency planning document.

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