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Recovery Resources for Coronavirus / COVID-19


How We Can Help

These are challenging times - for all of us. As emergency management professionals, we'd like to do our part to help our clients, and our nation, recover from the coronavirus pandemic. We stand ready to serve small businesses, schools, universities, healthcare facilities, venues, faith-based organizations, and many others with their COVID-19 pandemic recovery planning and continuity efforts. As a small organization ourselves, we want to do our part to help others during these challenging times.

Who We Are

Continuum Preparedness was founded in 2016 with the simple mission of providing quality, affordable, and easy-to-use emergency preparedness and crisis response solutions for organizations of any type or size. Since our inception 4 years ago, we have prided ourselves on helping clients in a variety of industries across America build more resilient safety programs.

What We Can Offer

Coronavirus Recovery
Plan Review

What happens next? Where do we go from here? These are the questions that many of us are asking these days.

Discuss your COVID-19 reopening plans and actions with our emergency management consultants. 

Assess your planned course of action and available resources. 

Update your organization's Emergency Response Plan or Emergency Action Plan with lessons learned from the past few months.

This process typically includes:

- Mapping out your incident management structure and organizational roles and responsibilities.

- Defining a communications strategy for your internal and external stakeholders.

- Create an action register and assign tasks using an accountability system.

- Develop milestones and trigger points for response actions and tasks.

- Discuss preparations to resume closures and outbreak procedures if other rounds of coronavirus outbreaks occur in your operating area.

- Presentation of your updated plan to your team.

After-Action Reporting &

Improvement Planning

One of the biggest mistakes we can make as a result of this pandemic is to not learn from it. Conducting a thorough after-action review of your organization's COVID-19 response actions is extremely important to understanding what you can improve upon for future emergencies (not just pandemics).


Our consultants will partner with you to understand what worked well during your response, where there's room for improvement, and how to create actionable improvement plans that include accountability measures to ensure follow-through. 

This process typically includes:

- An objective assessment of your team's response actions and communication strategy.

- Interviews and questionnaires with your team and stakeholders. 

- Compiling a detailed after-action report (AAR) of your response, continuity, and recovery actions.

- Developing an improvement plan to close any gaps and recommend updates to your organization's Emergency Response Plan or Emergency Action Plan.

- Presentation of the AAR and Improvement Plan to your team

Tabletop Exercises (TTX) for Coronavirus Reopening

Nervous about returning to normal operations? Have a lot of stakeholders to confer with? 

A tabletop exercise is a great way to discuss potential scenarios that you may encounter when returning to normal operations following COVID. Sports teams, retail centers, entertainment venues, local governments, school districts, and many others can benefit from these conversations with all of the various stakeholders involved in their operations. 

This process typically includes:

- Reviewing your COVID-19 reopening plan and response to the pandemic so far.

- Designing a custom training exercise scenario for your organization and stakeholders.

- Planning the virtual training event, including managing registrations and other logistics.

- Facilitating the COVID tabletop exercise and evaluating your proposed actions and tasks.

Doing the Right Thing

FREE Resources

We have developed a free resource to explain the after-action reporting and improvement planning process so that organizations who cannot or who don't want to engage consultants can get started on their COVID recovery.

Any organization can use this free resource to outline steps for completing an after-action report and improvement plan (AAR/IP). Download for free now.

Affordable Help

Not only are we emergency response professionals, we're also small business owners ourselves.


In keeping with our mission, we are striving to keep these services affordable so that we can help the small organizations who need it.

Each of the above services starts as low as $2,250. We are also offering a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs. Let's chat and get started.

Flexible Payment Options

We know times are tough for many organizations right now. We also know what it's like to need a helping hand. That's why we're offering flexible payment options including no-interest payment plans, reduced fees, and complimentary consultations.


Speak with a consultant today
about our flexible payments and be sure to inquire about
non-profit pricing if that applies
to your organization.

All consultations are free of charge, free of hassle, and free of obligation.

Let's Talk.
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