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Continuum Preparedness was founded with the simple mission of providing quality, affordable, and easy-to-use emergency preparedness and crisis response solutions for organizations of any type or size. Since our inception in 2016, we have prided ourselves on helping clients in a variety of industries across America build more resilient safety programs.


Whether you need to review an existing emergency action plan, create a tabletop exercise, or develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness program for your organization, Continuum Preparedness is here to help as Your Partner In Emergency Preparedness.

Our Clients

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Markets Served

Architects & Engineers

Government Agencies

Law Enforcement

Event Organizers / Planners

Entertainment Venues

Colleges & Universities

Large Venues

Fire & Rescue

Private Security

Cultural Facilities / Attractions

K-12 Education

Amateur & Professional Sports

Emergency Medical Services

Retail & Hospitality

Medical Facilities

Mark and James worked for the same agency that expected large-scale training exercises to be designed and managed at the drop of a hat, out of thin air! Sound familiar? Frustrated and unable to find solid templates that were "ready to use," they founded Continuum Preparedness to help emergency managers, training managers, public safety professionals, and business owners solve this problem. There are many great resources out there for what to put in your emergency response plan, but few to help you design and execute an emergency exercise. That's where we come in. 

Emergency preparedness is not to be taken lightly and your industry has unique needs and challenges. That's why we have designed a number of unique solutions that are tailored to fit common needs of your industry. We've also made them available in customizable formats so that you can make them your own. One of our more popular products, our exercise templates, come ready with all of the materials you need to conduct a successful training exercise with realistic scenarios, stunning visual aids, resource materials, and more.


We can also design, manage, facilitate, and evaluate custom, one-of-a-kind exercises
and training events
on-site at your location. 

Who are these products for? In short, any organization can benefit from these products. Our plans and exercises can be designed and managed for schools, college campuses, office buildings, shopping malls, event venues, religious organizations, community centers, and others. We are happy to provide occasional consultation or complete preparedness solutions, and everything in between. 

You will find that we are very easy to work with. We know you are busy and have a very demanding job (we've been there!). We truly enjoy this work and look forward to helping you get, and stay, prepared for anything.

- Mark & James -




Mark Wilson, MPA, NRP
Co-Founder & Principal

Mark has spent over a decade in public safety and emergency management. He has extensive experience in emergency management, fire safety, and emergency medical services at all levels of responsibility. Mark enjoys nothing more than teaching others and seeing them succeed, particularly when the subject is emergency preparedness and response. He has developed and executed exercises for teams of all sizes in various, unrelated professional roles. Mark has been a featured speaker and a member of panels at multiple emergency management, public safety, and public-private partnership conferences and workshops.

Specialty Areas

- Emergency & Critical Incident Management

- Fire Safety, Arson & EMS Response

- Exercise Planning & Evaluation

- Emergency/Mass Notifications 

- Incident Command (ICS) Certified

- Certified in the Homeland Security Exercise &

   Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

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Other Team Members
Not sure who to contact?
Reach out at
business portrait of James Johnston
James Johnston, MS, TLO
Co-Founder & Principal

James loves all things training. He has designed exercises of all scales and subject areas, instructed classes of all sizes, and has been elbowed in the face by Mark in front of crowds during in-class demonstrations on a few occasions (ok, maybe just once). James has designed curricula for both web-based and instructor-led training for community members and the Department of Homeland Security, and at every level in between. James brings  over a decade of security, event/venue management, and training experience. An expert in communication and graphic design, James also creates unique, custom graphics for training scenarios and disaster exercises.

Specialty Areas

- Emergency Exercise Design & Facilitation

- Training Program Design & Management

- Security Assessments & Crime Prevention

- Public Relations & Crisis Communications

- Incident Command (ICS) Certified

- Certified in the Homeland Security Exercise &

   Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

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We also work directly with a number of professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge in the areas of:​

  • Continuity of Operations Planning and Response

  • Crime Prevention & Security Systems

  • Crisis Communications & Public Relations

  • Crowd Control and Large-Scale Evacuation

  • Emergency Manager Job Descriptions & Vetting

  • Event Management - Large & Small

  • Large Venue Management & Security

  • Law Enforcement & Security Operations 

  • Staffing & Organizational Dynamics

  • Traffic Control & Management

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