Every organization should exercise their plan to know what they will do when disaster strikes. There are many great resources out there but none of them do the hard work for you. Continuum has changed that.  Download one of our templates in minutes! We save you time & money.

Let us custom tailor a solution to fit your unique situation.  We will design and run training exercises from table-tops to full-scale scenarios to make sure your team is ready for anything. From city government to local business, we will work with any organization to get you ready.

Need help with emergency planning? Have a big project or a special case that requires expertise? We have the technical knowledge and the industry experience to help! Contact us today for a free consultation. We hate harassing phone calls so we make our free consults absolutely hassle-free.

Now Available

Create a unique training scenario in seconds!

  • Randomly drawn cards keep your training fresh

  • Nobody has advance knowledge of the scenario

  • Easily add difficulty with Complication Cards

  • Industry specific decks have BILLIONS of scenarios

  • Customizable to your organization

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